Fourth International Conference on

“Arabic and Hebrew Strophic Poetry

 and its Romance Parallels”

 School of Oriental and African Studies [SOAS],

Thornhaugh Street, London WC 1H 0XG


 London, 5-7 October 2007


List of confirmed speakers [in alphabetical order]


The order of speaking will be publicised nearer the time.





MOHAMMAD ANTAR [Cairo Group for Sufi Chanting and Zikr]:  “The muwashshahaat of Ibn al-‘Arabi”


GEORGE BEECH: “Muslim Zaragoza as a focal point for the transmission of Arabic, Jewish, and Romance culture to Christian Europe later Middle Ages”


SAADANE BENBAABALI [Sorbonne]: “The Heirs of Ziryab in Paris: the artists and associations working for the transmission of the Arab-Andalusi heritage in France”


FEDERICO CORRIENTE [University of Zaragoza]: “A historical overview of Muwashsah and Kharja theories”


NAJIB COUTYA [London]: “The Poetry of Sheikh Imam of Cairo”


DINA DAHBANY-MIRAGLIA [City University of New York]: “Horse, Heros and Broken Hearts”


CARL DAVILA [SUNY]: “The ‘Other Andalusian Music’: Andalusi Strophic Poetry in the Moroccan Samâ’ wa-Madîh“

ED EMERY [SOAS, London]:  “The zajal in Lebanon and Palestine”


SARA MANASSEH [London]: “Poetry and Music in Shbahoth: the Muwashshah in Babylonian Jewish Paraliturgical Song


BENI MÜLLER [Switzerland]: "Levant - a Zajal in Orient" [Film]<


ARIE SCHIPPERS [University of Amsterdam]: “Nissim ibn Shahin (990-1062), Josef Ibn Zabbara (1131-1209), Petrus Alphonsi (1062-1121) and the Medieval European Narrative Repertoire”


YOSEF TOBI [University of Haifa]: “Music and Musical Instruments in Spanish Medieval Hebrew Poetry: The Praise Poem of Yosef Ibn Saddīq (Justo)”


SUSANA WEICH-SHAHAK [Hebrew University of Jerusalem]: “Zajal structures in the repertoire of the Judeo-Spanish coplas oral tradition”







[Brunei Gallery Theatre at SOAS]


DATE: Saturday 6 October 2007


TIME:: 7.00pm to 9.00pm


Admission is free, but all seats must be reserved in advance by sending an e-mail to

muwashshah [@]


MOHAMMED ANTAR [Cairo Group for Sufi Chanting and Zikr; vocals and ney]




NAJIB COUTYA [Lebanon, vocals and ud]: Songs of Sheikh Imam


SARA MANASSEH [Rivers of Babylon] Muwashshah in Babylonian Jewish Song





The Singing of Sheikh Imam of Cairo [Imam Isa].


On Thursday 4 October, prior to the conference, there will be an evening seminar dedicated to the singing of Sheikh Imam of Cairo [Imam Isa].


The evening will include


*  presentations of previously unavailable film and audio material

*  seminar presentations on the Sheikh and his work;

*  live performance of the Sheikh’s songs..


VENUE: School of Oriental and African Studies [SOAS]

DATE: Thursday 4 October 2007

TIME:  6.00pm to 10.00pm


Admission is free, but it is advisable to book your place in advance by sending an e-mail to muwashshah [@]