This is the website for a project organised by Ed Emery, entitled The Free University.


Over the past 11 years [1999-2010] I have worked to create the Free University as a network of people around the world who develop research in a variety of fields, and periodically meet to discuss, hold seminars, present papers, organise theatre events, concerts etc.


The Free University is also known as Universitas adversitatis. In other words, the University of Adversity. Both in the sense of being an oppositional dissenting academy; and also in the sense of not having any money. is an umbrella website to cover the various seminars and conferences that we organise around the world.

These events are organised in
London, Cambridge, Paris, Venice, Athens, Hydra, Istanbul and Jerusalem.


Previously our research websites were hosted on That company has now been bought by In an act which can be described as a holocaust of the collective intellect, has wiped all sites off the Internet, as of 26 October 2009.


Therefore, all our research activities of the past ten years are being placed together in this one site, for ease of access. Sigh, it is a lot of hard work.

The conference websites can be found at the addresses below.



Muwashshah Conferences [2004, 2007]

The Maqam Project @ SOAS and


Immanuello Romano research papers


Hydra Donkey Conferences [2005, 2007]  and   and


Hydra Rebetiko Conferences [2000-2009 inclusive]  and


London Fiddle Conferences [2004, 2006, 2009]

Immaterial Labour Conference [2006]

Dante Conferences [2002, 2004]

Dario Fo / France Rame Conferences


Cognitive Capitalism Conference

Les Juifs de Salonique play


La Gatta Cenerentola play


Materials related to The Famous SOAS Rebetiko Band



Other material:


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