The Island of Hydra is located to the south of Athens. Transport to Hydra is very simple.

If you arrive at Athens Airport, the port of Athens (Piraeus) is easily reached by buses which run day and night. The fare is about 3 euros, and the journey takes about an hour, depending on traffic. The bus terminates about 500 yards from the ferries which take you to Hydra.

There is also a metro service directly from the airport.

From Piraeus there are regular hydrofoil sailings to Hydra during the day.  The journey takes about 90 minutes, and costs about 20 euros one-way.

There is also a ship, which leaves at about 8.00 in the morning. Useful if you arrive on an overnight flight. It takes a leisurely 3 and a half hours, and costs about 10 euros one-way.

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If the weather looks particularly windy, it may be advisable to leave Hydra the day before your flight leaves Athens.