Second International Weekend Conference

“The Role of the Donkey and Mule in the Culture of the Mediterranean

Island of Hydra:  12–14 October 2007





The Conference will begin with registration on Friday afternoon. It will end with a “farewell” session on Sunday evening.


The official language of the Conference is English. In cases of necessity we shall make informal translation arrangements available.



>>>>    SATURDAY MORNING – 10.00am    <<<<

GEORGIOS ARSENOS [Aristotle University of Thessaloniki]: “Saving the Greek donkey

PAUL STARKEY [ATNESA / University of Reading]: “An overview of donkey and mule in the culture of the Mediterranean

ED EMERY [Free University of Hydra]: “The donkey and mule culture  of the Island of Hydra

IVÁN SALVÍA SEGUÉS [El Refugio del Burrito, Spain] “The work of the international Donkey Sanctuary

JUDY QUINN [Corfu Donkey Refuge]: “Donkey welfare activity in Corfu, Greece

>>>> LUNCH <<<<


BERKE INEL [Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul]: “Turgut Zaim’s Donkeys: Modern Art as a tool of reconciliation between rural and urban cultures in mid-20th century Turkey

SUSAN D. MARTIN [University of Tennessee]: “Donkeys, mules, and overland transport in Roman Italy

JO-ANN SHELTON [University of California, Santa Barbara]: “Valued and Reviled: Contrasting images of donkeys in ancient Greek and Roman authors

LISA B. HUGHES [Colorado College]: “Unequally yoked: The sex life of Apuleius’s accidental donkey

>>>>    SUNDAY MORNING 10.30AM    <<<<

HEIDI GHOMI [University of Goteborg]: “Domestic slaves’ nobility of mind: Rumi’s Masnavi and the fables of Kalila wa Dimna


SOZITA GOUDOUNA  [Royal Holloway College, University of London]: “The donkey and mule culture of the Island of Hydra: Economic and aesthetic considerations

MOHAMMED MATOOCK [University of Cairo]: “The importance of the donkey and mule in the culture of Egypt

SAMEH HESHMAT [Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt]: “The condition and care of donkeys and mules in Egypt

MARKO ŠUKLJE [Slovenia]: “Alternative saddles: The efficient use of riding donkeys

>>>> LUNCH <<<<

PERE-MIQUEL PARÉS I CASANOVA [University of Barcelona]: "XIX and XX Centuries in Catalunya, Spain: the Golden Age of hypermetrical Catalan mules"

ALBERT SCHWEIZER [Austria]: “Donkey societies in Northern Europe

JILL BOUGH [Australia]: “The Judas Collar extermination programme in Australia

JASON MELISSINOS [Athens]: “Sexology of donkeys: Three interviews